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I bet many of you already enjoy traveling to Turkey. But you simply can't visit the country without going to Istanbul.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul a city of contrasts, with a vibrant nightlife, great food and some of the best architecture in the world. A great place to visit for a short break, breathtaking atmosphere, fresh air and so many places to visit and feel. Here is a 7 day itinerary:

Day 1

Taking the first step into the most desired first meal of the day (breakfast). Look no further strongly recommend going to Namli Gurme, Karakoy. Where you will indulge into the finest Turkish breakfast of your choice filled with variety of cheese, eggs and the most important of all Tea (Chai)!


After a delicious breakfast, the most common thing you will do is to go for a walk with a mind filled with curiosity. Therefore, while you are at Karakoy, head to Istanbul Museum of Modern Art if you have an eye for great contemporary modern art, then this is a place for you to adventure.


Once you have felt the art, you can then keep walking and head to Tophane-İ Amire Culture and Art Cente. The building structure itself speaks a lot. If you are hungry and consider to have something to eat then would recommend "Hayvore" very local or Sabırtaşı restaurant.


As you have indulged yourself in some art and find yourself you would like to now adventure more, head to Taksim square. Here you will explore many retail shops, restaurants, rooftop cafes and so on. But most importantly you should visit hafiz mustafa for their world known kunafa with their signature cream on top. I am already drooling!


Around that area you can just keep walking and enjoy the atmosphere. While walking towards the end of the square you will head towards the (old town) where Galata tower is one of the most iconic symbols of Istanbul.


Note: you can keep walking and see Galata bridge, which is a popular spot for photographs, especially at sunset. The domed skyline will take your breath away as the colors of dusk create a real-life postcard.

Well, I guess that's a lot of walking for a day so why not head back to Karakoy and enjoy the night life filled with young birds out to enjoy the night.

Day 2

Of course, in order to start the day, you will want to have a delicious breakfast look no further head to Barbaros Cafe and enjoy the view along with delicious food!



As the day starts and you are ready to rock and roll. Head to Topkapi Palace Located in the old town portion of Istanbul, Topkapi Palace is a major historical landmark that houses an important cultural museum. The palace saw approximately 30 sultans ruling over the span of several centuries. This is reflected in the mix of designs with decorative elements from European, Islamic, and Ottoman styles.



View an impressive collection of exhibits showcasing artifacts, books, and manuscripts from the Ottoman Empire. Enjoy the sprawling outer courtyard and beautiful gardens on the palace grounds, and take in the spectacular views of the Marmara Sea, the Golden Horn, and the Bosphorus.

If you are still eager and have the capability to explore more then head to The Grand Bazaar. Get lost at one of the world’s most notable markets, prepare for sensory overload in the best way possible as you explore the maze-like lanes lined with colorful stalls selling local art, textiles, and goods.


While your at the bazar, there will be many small stalls that sell local bagel called simit which can be also stuffed with some yummy Nutella. while your at the place why not sip on a Turkish coffee!

At night take a tour in the bosfor and that area. There are several tours with dinner options where you can enjoy the night view of the beautiful city along with some delicious Turkish cuisine and live entertainment.

Day 3

Starting the day on some good breakfast, it is recommended to visit Sultanahmet Square where you can find various restaurants to choose from and have a lovely meal.



As you find yourself ready for a nice long walk, filled with adventure, would recommend visiting The Blue Mosque. It is One of the most popular sites in Turkey, the Blue Mosque, (also known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque) is a top place to visit in Istanbul. 


Given that Istnbul is known for its historical places, why not visit Basilica Cstern. Head underground to explore the mystical world beneath the city of Istanbul. The Basilica Cistern is a popular attraction that gives a unique perspective of the city’s history. Walk back in time to the 6th century while learning about Istanbul’s largest ancient cistern that used to lie beneath the Stoa Basilica, a large public square. Note: It has also served as backdrop for several movies.


While we have already been through the grand bazar why not go to the spice market also known as the Egyptian market. Adjacent to the New Mosque, this market provides a glimpse into the colorful and exotic spices used in many of the amazing dishes that can be found in Turkey. Great place for shopping as you can also bargain on prices for good quality products.

 After a long day of exploring, enjoy a cozy dinner around the same area.

Day 4

This will take you half a day itself and it is one of my favorite places to visit in Istanbul, would surely be Dolmabahce Palace the biggest palace in town. This lavish palace is full of art, carvings, and historical artifacts like tea-ware and Bohemian crystal.

Walk inside the largest palace in Turkey and admire its authentic Ottoman characteristics and design. Stroll the well-preserved palace interior as you take in the regal marble stone, Hereke carpets, and the impressive collection of oil paintings.

Step back in time as you enter the Main Hall, explore rooms such as the secretariat’s rooms, the Crystal Staircase, Red Room, and the Ceremonial Hall. On the outside, you’ll have the chance to view the Imperial Gate, beautiful gardens, Swan and Harem fountains, and the famous Clock Tower that stretches over 100 feet tall.


After refreshing yourself with the history of the palace and its beautiful setting. You can head to The Golden Horn. This sheltered harbor is famed for serving as protection for the Greek, Ottoman, Roman, and Byzantine Empires and is a popular destination to experience the hustle and bustle of the city. From an aerial perspective, the inlet appears horn-shaped, giving it its name. You’ll discover the “golden” portion of its title as the sun sets, lighting the waterside with the colors of dusk.

The best way to experience this body of water is to tour it via ferry boat. As you float along, imagine the harbor as the commercial center of the city during ancient times. This is a great way to photograph and view some of the amazing places to visit in Istanbul.

Conclude the day by exploring the area and the various cafes and restaurants around.

Day 5

This day will be visiting a castle that is called Rumeli Castle. Marvel at the 15th century fortress that once protected the Bosphorus from the narrowest point on the strait. Built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, the structure consists of a series of towers of varying sizes.


After exploring the castle, head towards the Chora Church. Also known as the Kariye Mosque, this medieval Greek Orthodox Church is a popular attraction in Istanbul for its mosaics and intricate frescoes. This site is in the western section of the city in the Erdinekapı district.


Conclude the day by taking Istanbul hop on and hop off bus and enjoy the sights while enjoying the weather.


Day 6

Highly recommend visiting Princess Islands formerly known as Prinkipos Islands.

It is a cluster of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara only about an hour ferry ride away from Istanbul. It is a popular destination for many who would like to explore the island to escape from the hectic city life.

Would recommend visiting Burgazada, which is the best of the Princess Islands owing to all the experiences it offers. You can check out the Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum, explore the greek architecture, or simply roam around in the lush beauty of this gigantic island. Also, would recommend renting a bike in the island to explore the nature and tour yourself around.

Day 7

One the last day after all that exploring and adventure which of course consist of a lot of walking and sightseeing. Why not give yourself some care? Also, not to forget that It is essential while visiting Istanbul to visit one of the Turkish Hammams. Where you can relax and indulge in a day of self-care and relaxation such as Hurrem sultan hammam or Historical Suleymaniye Hamam or Süleymaniye Hamamı and more. Mostly all Hammams provide variety of services which includes massage, spa, treatments and more. Enjoy!


Restaurants & cafes recommendations:


  • Emirgan Sütiş Akaretler.
  • Çakmak Kahvaltı Salonu
  • Beşiktaş Zeytindalı Kahvaltı


  • Dubb Ethnic Restoran.
  • My terrace café & restaurant, good view.


Hope you enjoyed reading this itinerary! 
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