Shedding Light on Privacy Concerns

Shedding Light on Privacy Concerns - URHUBB


Hello Peeps,

Every adventure has its share of ups and downs, especially when we hit the road.

Today, I want to share a story that happened to me while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Staying at a fancy hotel or booking an AirBNB or any place we go, might make us feel safe after reading reviews or feedback, but we often overlook privacy and security issues.

Now you must be questioning what does that mean?

Well during my recent travels to Southeast Asia, I had a distressing experience that highlighted the importance of privacy and security while staying in hotels.

Heads-up, this had happened before that's why it wasn't new to me!

However, I want to share this incident, speared awareness and share how I tackled the matter. It is important for many to know, especially for female solo travelers.

So, as I checked into my 4 star hotel, which had many good reviews and feedbacks.

Like any traveler, I started placing my things on the table, open my bag to freshen up. However, I had this suspicious feeling which I couldn't shake off!

Although everything appeared normal, a gut feeling urged me to investigate further, prompting me to take precautionary measures to ensure my safety.

Since I read a lot and always carry a gadget which is essential for any traveler especially if you travel solo.

It was only through the use of a gadget - the mega red light detector (which can detect hidden cameras), it is a device I usually carry based on past experience. I went around the room, switched OFF all the lights, made sure to close the curtains for the room to be pitch black and switched on the detector.

While I was conducting a thorough sweep of my hotel room and washroom, looking through the red light detector, I noticed a reflection in the celling exhaust fan in the washroom.

To my shock and disbelief, the detector illuminated, indicating the presence of a hidden camera . and that's where I discovered a hidden camera.

The realization of detecting a camera in my room, sent shivers down my spine, and I knew I had to take immediate action.

This prompted me to take immediate action and report the incident to the local police station. 

I wasted no time in speaking to the hotel staff as such. Directly went ahead and contacted the local police station to report the discovery of the hidden camera.

I provided them with all the necessary details, including the room number, the hotel's name, and any other pertinent information that could aid in the investigation. (Make sure to click pictures and if you can't at least a video)

I made sure to grab all my belongings with me, change my hotel address and also tried to cancel my booking by providing negative feedback to the main source in order to delete all my personal information.

Following the incident, the hotel management cooperated fully with the police investigation, and steps were taken to ensure the safety and privacy of their guests.

Thankfully, I was informed about the action taken and I was glad to be able to discover this before anything else could have happened.

This unsettling experience taught me several important lessons on hotel safety, including the need to be vigilant, aware of our surroundings, and equipped with the right tools to protect our privacy. This detector not only detects hidden camera, but also detects hidden wireless devices as well as a door bell. To know more  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE DETECTOR!

By sharing my story and advocating for greater awareness, I hope to empower others to take the necessary precautions and protect their privacy while traveling or staying in hotels.

I aim to educate others about the importance of personal privacy and the steps one can take to protect themselves while traveling!

Until then...

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