The Epic Journey of a Middle Eastern Solo Female Traveler- Part 1

The Epic Journey of a Middle Eastern Solo Female Traveler- Part 1 - URHUBB


Hello Peeps,

This is how my journey of solo travel began! 

Well, I am just like any ordinary woman who craves adventure, yet lives a normal life, and staying true to herself. However, at times reality doesn't match our dreams.

Especially for women like us, born in an Arab society, in their late twenties, where religion and gender discrimination persist no matter how educated or successful you are. I still face scrutiny when I travel alone.

However, many young people are breaking societal norms and bravely venturing out into the world, and that's what sets them apart. But I won't go into detail about that. Maybe in my next blog ;)

I'm often bombarded with questions like, "How can you travel alone?" or "Aren't you scared as an Arab woman?" or "How do your parents allow it?" or "What makes you so brave?" There are countless questions and multiple answers to give.

First and foremost, I'm grateful to have the best parents who have allowed me to be myself, explore my true nature, and become the woman I am today. They've paved the way for the journeys I take.

If I remember correctly, I embarked on my first solo trip when I was 18. As any parent, my dad wasn't very enthusiastic about the idea, but my mother was the first to support me and assure me that I would manage.

I recall informing my parents about the trip, which was for a noble cause. I would be supporting young individuals in making a difference in youth empowerment and social activities.

This was a crucial time for me as well, since it was my last year of high school, and I needed to concentrate on getting good grades to graduate and enroll in university.

However, my mother made sure that my studies wouldn't be affected and encouraged me to take this step to see the world from a different perspective.

Eventually, my dad was convinced, thanks to my mother's ability to persuade him. They've been my pillars of support ever since.

Despite their support, I faced numerous questions from family and friends. Even my school wasn't entirely supportive of the idea.

However, my mother and I made it clear that the decision had already been made, and we didn't entertain any further questions. And so, my first solo journey began. I traveled to Guildford, UK, when I was 18.

I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement mixed with nervous anticipation, similar to the feeling of being in love I guess.

My thoughts were filled with what to pack and how to handle unexpected situations as my travel day approached. However, everything fell into place. My mother ensured that I had all the necessary items, including clothes, medicine, and a pair of boots for the cold weather. Additionally, she pleasantly surprised me with a new laptop, which brought me great joy and increased my excitement.

The day arrived, and I found myself at the airport, brimming with excitement. I pondered over how this adventure would play out and whether it would meet my expectations. Numerous queries flooded my thoughts as I embarked on the plane.

The journey proved to be captivating, for I was seated beside a calm elderly gentleman and his wife. The scenery outside the window was mesmerizing, with a stunning sunset, soft clouds enveloping the aircraft, and a few birds attempting to soar alongside. The individual beside me incessantly discussed a personal incident involving his spouse, whereas my sole desire was to pass the time watching movies or listening to music during the flight.

I nearly 7.5 hours we landed, the notion of "Hello, London, here I come!" crossed my mind. After a brief immigration procedure and a few inquiries, I was granted entry into the country. Thus began my journey inside the UK...

PART 2 in my next blog :)

Stay tuned! 

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