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Hello Peeps,

We're all about embracing solo or group adventures, but we also love a heartwarming journey between a mom and her son. Today, we've got a ridiculously cute story to share about them!

This tale is all about Samar and her Son Adam:

On regular work and school days, me and my son have barely any quality time to be together. My day is packed with work, then I come home to cook, do home chores and my son being at school then at extra curricular activities.

This is why I decided to do an only mommy and son bonding trip to all parks which we could visit together and what better place to visit other than Yas Island, AbuDhabi, UAE.


I chose Abu Dhai, Yas Island. Because it's conveniently close to Bahrain, making it ideal for a quick trip with minimal travel time.

I choose to book a package which was very convenient. The island offers a lot from:

  • Free bus shuttle services that go to/from airport, hotels and all parks.
  • All buses are with AC and WiFi back and forth.
  • The hotels offered staycation packages including unlimited all park tickets

Hence, we easily sorted getting around the island, tickets, and accommodation. As for our flights, for arrival I chose Wizz Air to AbuDhabi which offers extremely affordable tickets. however, for our departure I chose gulf Air as I wanted a late flight to maximize our stay and have fun on the last day.


We absolutely loved Ferrari World because it was filled with exhilarating and high-speed rides/attractions.

All parks have rides for all ages but the best are for 1.3m and above. Food could be improved at the parks, so we tried to eat at the mall when we could but if we had to eat there remember asking for face pass discounts.

All the parks, mall, airport and buses have WiFi available so make sure to sign in to get Internet for free. Also take a screenshot of the bus schedule to get around for free. Be sure to be ready for the bus at least 3 to 4 min before the arrival time as sometimes they come early with the exception of 4pm when they change shifts and have a delay.

Yas app will also give you different transport options if you wish and is helpful in seeing any present or future things happening on yas island.

Overall it was an insanely experience but super tiring as I felt like a kid and went on every ride with my son and we were busy nonstop at the parks.



I just want to give fellow moms some handy hints:

  • Choose a cooler time to book and make the most of the water park.
  • Try and go on weekdays and away from public holidays.
  • All the parks except the water world are indoor hence perfect for a summer getaway.
  • Make sure to book early to get better prices.
  • Download and register yourself on Yas Island app with face pass to receive discounts when purchasing things in the parks.
  • Don't carry much cash but make sure to have a good budget as the island is pricy.
  • Enjoy the rides with your kids. It's fun.

Important note: pack light and a lot of sunscreen! Don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures for memories❤️

Here's a delightful tale for all you readers out there!

until next time! see you :)



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